We dreamt this shelf as a presence capable of sculpting a space without  saturating it, the essential for us was to give it the lightness of light. Its modular aspect came to us like those games of children delighted by the passage of migratory birds leaving behind them the lines and angles of an absence to be filled. If Design was not our destiny, we imagined this shelf like its reflect ! Creators of space for cinema, fiction drives us ; seizing parts of the living for the magic of genre to redistribute them on canvas. We love those abductions without intrusion. Those back and forth between reality and fiction. Making a set for the cinema is worthwhile as an ephemeral pleasure, but the addition of a furniture-element with which to live at home on a daily basis is a matter of intimacy. Did we have to change our codes ?

ƎHRULine Modular Shelf offers a fresh look at living to oneself… soul window widely open on the outside… for a convivial sharing of images or generous books… precious objects or affectionate « grigri ». From the living room to the dining room and from the hall to the patio, our shelf offers itself to the eyes and easily adapts to the gildings of mansions, to bare brick or to smooth concrete. Playful at heart, it dresses itself in all the colors of the solar prism, from which it wrests its metallic resistance. Free of imagination and of a 100% Belgian manufacturing, it also likes to be told : « Ceci n’est pas une étagère ! »